THIS IS THE "TICKETS" PAGE where you purchase individual tickets.  More private tour info on December tab.

DECEMBER Public Holiday Lights Trolley Tour tickets are LIVE!  If a date/time does not show up, that means it is sold out or is not offered at that date/time.  There are no refunds or changes once you book.  The link to book the December Tours is at the bottom of this page.  (After the Oct Halloween Tours)  You will see THREE December public tour options:  "NORTHERN" tour, "SOUTHERN" tour, and a "COMBO" tour.  Once you select which tour you want, you can click on the red box for the dates available and to book it.  Please note, it will list 6 dates at a time.  There is a "more dates" button after that to see more dates.  $18 per person, all ages.  All ages from 1 day old to 99 need to make a reservation as we have rules on how many may board, and it doesn't matter the age, you all count as one.  You will receive a confirmation email, but no "tickets" will be sent.  Your name will be on our tour list.  You are responsible for your guests.  Thank you for booking!  We look forward to seeing you in December!  Please check our website the day of your tour for any weather related updates.  I will post a note every day in December.  A reminder:  No coolers.  No strollers.

One hour Historic Trolley Tour of Naperville - $16 per person, all ages, book by scrolling down.  Saturday 9/9, 11/24, 12/8.   30 minute Children's Trolley ride - $8 per person, all ages, book by scrolling down.  9/9, 11/24, 12/8.

Halloween Lights Tours - Tickets are live!  Tours will be offered Oct 20-31.  Scroll down to book your reservation.  Private bookings may be made at any time by contacting Naperville Trolley.

Historic & Childrens ride tours meet on Jackson Avenue at Eagle street (kitty corner to the address of 305 Jackson Ave., Naperville, IL.)  Ding! Ding!


630-355-2242  Why?  It was my mom and dad's number forever, and I couldn't let it go...

Check out this video about our Historic Trolley Tours & our history that was made by NCTV:

The processing company logo on the public tickets page sometimes spins and spins when you are trying to book public tour tickets.  They are working on it.  Please call me at 630-355-2242 and I can book tickets over the phone with you.  Please do not leave your cc info on a voicemail.  Let me call you back if I don't answer live.  Thank you!  Annette