12/03/16:  Many additional Public lights tour tickets are LIVE and can be purchased under the "tickets" tab above.  Thank you all for your patience in this new adventure!   Ding! Ding!

​​​2016 Availability for Private Bookings (The entire Trolley is for you and only you)

(This list most recently updated on December 5 (8:30am), 2016)

Private bookings can be made at any time/any month up to 1.5 years in advance by emailing Annette.  This schedule is subject to change at any time.  You must email or call to book private tour.  .

Date, Trolley Size, Time (number of Trolleys available at that time)

Monday, December 5th

32pp:  9:30-10:30pm(1 Trolley available)
21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolleys available)

Tuesday, December 6th

32pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolleys available)
21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolleys available)

Wednesday, December 7th

32pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolleys available)
21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(1 Trolley available)

Thursday, December 8th

32pp:  SOLD OUT
21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolleys available)

December 9th & 10th = SOLD OUT

Sunday, December 11th

32pp:  SOLD OUT

21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolleys available)

Monday, December 12th

32pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolleys available)

21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(1 Trolley available)

Tuesday, December 13th

32pp:  9:30-10:30pm(1 Trolley available)

21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolley available)

Wednesday, December 14th

32pp:  9:30-10:30pm(1 Trolleys available)

21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(2 Trolley available)

December 15th, 16th, 17th = SOLD OUT

Sunday, December 18th

one 21 passenger from 9:30-10:30pm

December 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 = SOLD OUT

Sunday, December 25th

We are closed today.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  : )

Monday, December 26th

32pp:  Sold out

21pp:  9:30-10:30pm(1 Trolley available)

And to all a Good Night!  Thank you for Trolleying with us again this year!  It's never too early to book a private tour for 2017!  Ding! Ding!  2017 Signed contracts and deposits are due by 3/1/17.

(Public individual tickets go live 9/1 each year.)

How does this December evening Holiday Lights tour work?

PUBLIC tour tickets are purchased under the "tickets" tab above.  Public tickets go live and are available to purchase on September 1st each year.

PRIVATE tour availability is listed below.  That is where you rent the entire Trolley for the hour, and it's all yours for that hour.  The size Trolley is listed, then the time available, then in ( ) is how many Trolleys available at that time as some neighborhood groups need more than one Trolley.  After you look at the list, please email me the date, time, trolley size, your mailing address, pick up address, and cell.  I will double check availability as things change fast here, confirm, and email you the contract to sign and return with deposit.  

- Annette  My email:  annette@napervilletrolley.com  Ding! Ding!  

Any weather related news would be posted here...but the Trolley LOVES the snow!!!  : )  Ding! Ding!

PUBLIC TOURS:  One ticket or a bunch!  These public events are where you Trolley with others and meet new friends!  Ding! Ding!  Click on the "Tickets" Tab above.

2016 Public tour tickets are "LIVE"!  Every heart beat, no matter what age, needs a ticket.  Yes, this includes "infants" from weeks old to 99 years young-they all require a ticket.  Thank you!  : )

North Central College 630-637-5800
Main Street Promenade 630-305-7171
DINE Naperville 630-305-7701
Downtown Naperville
Positively Naperville 630-369-8447
Pinot's Palette 331-457-5440
Top Level Fitness 773-359-1771
NCTV 630-355-2124
Aurelio's Pizza 630-922-3600
Mackay Realtors  Scott & Susie Mackay
Naperville Old-Fashioned Toffee 630-420-2282
95.9 The River Radio 630-898-1580

Ozinga Concrete 708-479-9050

Naperville Pediatric Therapy 630-220-9215

Q & A

What can I/can't I bring on the Trolley?

We prefer that food be saved for before or after your Trolley tour as we have other tours after yours.  If bringing drinks, lids on all drinks.  Absolutely no candy canes, popcorn, popcorn balls, chocolate, sprinkles or marshmallows please. (Too sticky!)  Thank you!

Is the Trolley heated?

Yes, all of our Trolleys are heated.  Keep in mind that they do not get as warm as your car, so please dress as if you would to walk outside.  Coats, hats, and gloves are recommended.  The Trolley is NOT "open air".

Tell us about your neighbors lights!

My awesome drivers and I go out "scouting" the week of Thanksgiving.  We are always thrilled to find new homes to highlight.  If you are selected to be on the tour, we ask that your lights be on starting December 1st between 5pm and 11pm.

Is it dark by 5:00pm?  YES!  It's dark by 4:30pm in December!                 

​2017 PRIVATE TOURS:  It's never too early to book your 2017 December Holiday Lights Tour!  Reserve the heated Trolley for your family, neighborhood group, bunco, office holiday party, scout troop, red hat ladies, you name it!  PRIVATE tours run December 1st through 26th (closed on 12/25).  Tours are one hour in length, and are offered from:  5-6pm, 6:30-7:30pm, 8-9pm, and 9:30-10:30pm.  

One hour 32 passenger tour: Mon-Thurs: $275,

One hour 32 passenger tour Fri-Sun, and Dec 19-26: $300.

One hour 21 passenger tour: Mon-Thurs: $250,

One hour 21 passenger tour Fri-Sun, and Dec 19-26: $275.

We pick up at any Naperville home, business, restaurant, or parking lot.

If we pick you up north of 75th Street, you will have a "Northern" tour.  South of 75th Street will have a "Southern" tour.  Both tours are different, and both are FANTASTIC!  To book, please send us an email annette@napervilletrolley.com or give us a call at 630-420-2223.